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Champions Book of World Records is an initiative by Score More Foundation, an international non-profit Organization working for the empowerment of Children, Youth and Women with its vast network in different countries of the world for the last 20 years. Champions Book of World Records is run and managed by Champions International Academy, a popular research and publishing house recognized by Government of India. CIA has been recognized by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and National Skill Development Corporation of India. CBWR is supported by CBR Chats, Meet the Champion and World Media, Score More monthly news magazine registered with Registrar of News Papers for India (RNI). CBR has been accredited by International council on Education, London, UK. It was started by eminent Academician, Author of most number of books in English Language, popular Journalist and recipient of 3-doctorates Dr.Pattabhi Ram.Turlapati. Dr.Pattabhi Ram.Turlapati received multiple World Records. We all have an innate feeling that we inherited amazing talent. Each of us has a one or multiple Creative talents that eagerly waits for a chance to make a distinctive mark. We also feel that we are born with outstanding skills that make us different and distinctive from the rest of the world. Score More Foundation has taken an initiative to tap, encourage and appreciate such people of par excellence by starting Champions Book of World Records. Our associated wings: World Record Holders Federation-the Union of 48 countries, World Champions, Meet the Champion takes the achievements of Record holders to the next level.

Our Mission

Champions Book of World Records (CBWR) is a National and International Book of Records. The record book aims to give a platform to people who have some hidden or unhidden talent, who want to stand ahead of others and want to have their name in the golden pages of history by doing and accomplishing unique attempts. Keeping this in mind, CBWR encourages people to showcase their talents and skills by creating and breaking number of new records with numerous categories.

Uniqueness of Champions Book of Records
  • CBWR has en experience team that encourages new Record setters/breakers.
  • It also suggests new records which the people can attempt and guides them accordingly.
  • CBWR also gives on-the-spot certification along with giving the certification of breaking records though the normal process.
  • Archives of the past records are kept diligently. (Current as well as Previous Record holder would be displayed in the website)
  • The record setters/breakers get a chance to get exposed to media internationally.
Evidence Required
  • Cover Letter (Fill all the information about your attempted record).
  • Record Participants details with their photograph and signature.
  • The complete detail about all witness with their photograph and signature.
  • The complete details about all witnesses should be enclosed with the claim documents.
  • Claimed Record approval and certification may take 10-20 days
  • Video Footage.
  • High-quality color photographs.
  • Media Coverage, if any (Audio/video/print/electronic)
  • Documents and material submitted to CBWR is supposed to become property of CBWR and CBWR is under no obligation to return any kind of claim materials/documents back to the attempter.